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24 July 2019
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More Steam for a Fresh Food Company

05 May 2005

Engineering consultants approached LD Boilers on behalf of a fresh food and produce company who required more steam for trials.

Wee Chieftain stripped down for refuburbishment
Wee Chieftain rebuilt and reclad
Custom built boiler house with chimney

The client required additional steam capacity for trials with a new production method, without having the costly capital outlay for a new boiler installation.

It was determined that the best solution for the client was for LD Boilers to supply a reconditioned steam boiler complete with custom built boiler house. After investigation a Cochran Wee Chieftain was found to be the most suitable match and a full refurbishment programme commenced:

  • Removal of the boiler cladding to allow a survey to perform a hydraulic boiler test in addition to an NDT inspection and then a full boiler inspection.
  • The boiler shell was then reinsulated, clad and repainted. All valves were overhauled and refitted and a new Baltur 35 sec oil burner unit was fitted at this time.
  • During preparation of the boiler, a custom built base unit was constructed to allow the boiler, blowdown vessel and feed water tank to be located prior to fitting the external cladding.
  • A metal framework was designed and fitted to allow the most economical use of metal profile sheets duly coloured to meet client's requirements. The boiler house was fitted with a side pedestrian door and front roller shutter.
  • Piping services were arranged to suit site conditions as advised by client. The complete boiler house was transported overnight to the client on a low loader lorry.

LD Boilers then sent a team onsite to complete the installation:

  • Connection of all the pipework and electrical cabling from the boiler house to the client's facilities.
  • Commissioning the compete system.
  • Assisting the local insurance surveyor to perform the working examination.

Initial feed back from the clients has been excellent and they are very happy with their reconditioned boiler acquisition.

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